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Welcome to Helix Investment Research. Here, we believe in a different kind of equity research. Our research is driven by a simple belief: that an unbiased view of the markets, free of political biases and emotions, is the best way to achieving long-term success. Our research is based around 3 core rules:
  1. Invest based on how the world is, not how you believe it should be: Far too many pundits and market commentators offer their views on what monetary and fiscal policy should be, but far too few offer concrete investments to go along with it. We do not believe that a solid investment thesis can be based on views about how the world should be. Every investor is likely to have an opinion about how they believe the world should be run. But investments should not be based on those beliefs. They should be based on the how the world is today, with hedges put in place to protect against downside risk should the situation change.
  2. Remove all political views and emotions from investment decision-making: Like most people, we hold political views about the economy, the markets, and the role of government in financial matters. But we believe that such views should be kept far away from equity research. Solid equity research should be based on facts and informed opinions, not political ideology. The same is true of emotions. We do not believe that it is wise for investors to become attached to their holdings, or invest based on personal experiences. Such practices lead to a loss of objectivity, and can result in substantial losses.
  3. Objectively address all sides of the issue: We are firm believers in presenting our theses in a clear and objective manner, and highlighting as many possible risks to our theses as we can. Investors deserve to be informed of downside risks to our recommendations, and we believe that hiding such risks is a breach of trust, and always strive to objectively discuss all sides of an investment theses.
Our research reports are published through 2 platforms: General research reports are available on Seeking Alpha, and healthcare research reports are available on PropThink.